Solstice 3



An open-air psychedelic trance music and arts festival.

June 22-24 2018
Deerfields/Asheville, NC
$60 until May 31
$80 online until June 17

$80 at the gate

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Sangoma Records

California, USA


Upavas got turned on to Goa music in 1986 in Goa, India. Several years of Goa trance djing followed throughout the early and mid 90s. A few of his ambient tracks got licensed to film and tv, some first psy releases of his followed on ep’s, 2 albums and a lot of VA releases in the early 2000s. A dream came true when in 2007 Upavas got a bachelors degree in sound design for visual media.  It is there where he developed a real knack for making synthesizers do funny stuff and coax them into doing his bidding. In 2013 by chance, Upavas was taken into Sangoma Records’ artist roster, where he happily continues his mischief and produces and performs his own interpretation of psy trance. Currently Upavas is very busy, writing brand new music and collaborating with a lot of folks, to complete an upcoming full Sangoma Album and to prepare a whole new live set of his music for the summer of 2018.

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Pulse SF, Iboga Records

California, USA


A world of sound at her fingertips, Khromata stands in the vanguard of storytelling and sensory manipulation in the modern era. With a finger on the pulse of the global electronica scene, she draws the essence of tech-driven psychedelic music to the surface with DJ sets inspired by the sounds of the underground.  Following years of experience playing shows and festivals around the world, Khromata now brings her versatile and spirited approach to sound weaving to Iboga Records. Driven by fun, energy and technical purity, she cannot be summarized by any single set or sound, making every Khromata performance an intoxicating, one-of-a-kind experience.  She has been direct support for for legendary headliners, playing opening and closing sets for acts such as Astrix, Perfect Stranger, Ticon, Emok, Critical Choice, Atmos, Mad Maxx, Gaspard, Hypnocoustics, Hypnoise, E.V.P, Neuromotor, Deedrah, Groove Addict, S-Range, Martin Vice, StarLab, and more.  Khromata has played at many venues across the States and the world, a few highlight venues include Ruby Skye in San Francisco, KB18 kødboderne in Denmark, and in Ukraine. Highlight gigs include the Iboga Records Hologram Show at Dreamstate SoCal, six consecutive years at the How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco, Astral Harvest festival in Canada, Psytribe’s Spring Frequency, Pulse Family Gathering, and Panama Tribal Gathering.
Khromata is affiliated with Pulse SF as a promoter and organizer, and Iboga Records as the U.S label DJ.


Reversable Records, Propheti Records

Washington, USA


Coral is a psytrance producer & DJ hailing from the USA.

In 1999 Coral began her DJing journey when introduced to the irresistible sounds of psytrance. Her insatiable appetite, energy and joy of the music has naturally evolved into the world of production. Coral plays international parties and festivals, delighting fans with a captivating energy all her own.

Purple Hexagon Recordss, Visionary Shamanics, Radial Engine Tribe


Psypien is the nighttime psytrance project of Oliver Z/L, who grew up in the forests of Vienna, Austria, and now lives among the humans of Brooklyn, NY, by way of California. Psypien aims to create evocative, powerful, and unique psychedelic sound, merging ‘traditional’ forest & nighttime approaches with the more ‘strange’ and experimental; a soundtrack for a realm outside time & space. His mission is to stir up the spirits inside you, while stimulating your body & mind with an ocean of full spectrum psychedelic sound.


More artists and information coming very soon!


Food and Merchandise vending
Bring everything you need to survive for 3 days in the wilderness
In/Outs are reserved for emergencies – Bring your own water
Fires will only be allowed in designated fire circles
No dogs or renegade sound systems

Gates open Friday at noon
Ages 18 and up – 101 Watagnee Tr., Horse Shoe, NC 28742

Also a reminder that there is a $10 per car Deerfields parking fee, that will need to be paid to Deerfields at the gate. And ins/outs are reserved for emergency only, so please bring all that you need for the whole weekend to avoid having to leave and come back in.



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