Treffen first began DJing in 2003, and has played numerous styles of music for diverse audiences at raves, clubs, and festivals over the years. Around 2010 his focus shifted to the Psytrance community where he has become a regular fixture, particularly in the southeast. He has moved dancefloors at events such as Equinox, Pangea, Sacred Earth, Unitus, and many more. Unlike many DJs Treffen doesn’t just stick to just one style of psychedelic music, preferring instead to use a variety of sounds to tell a story for his audience. From funky breaks and groovy prog to uplifting melodic morning and sinister spiraling night time tracks; you never know exactly what you’ll hear but you can trust that it will guide the mood of the moment. As well as a musician, Treffen is also a proficient Deco artist with his Company M.A.P.P. that assists with the visual atmosphere of many events around the US.

Deco Design



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