Pure Perception Records in collaboration with T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi are proud to present Kri’s first full-length album ‘Sail To Me’ under the moniker Sonance.

Sail To Me is a twisted ride through melodic driven psytrance with high definition production techniques combining heavy acid frequencies and modern psychedelic basslines. Emotional melodies and crystal clear atmospheres fill the air as your mind and body are lifted off into the sky. A perfect combination of old school goa and new age future trance, Sonance creates a singular energy that accelerates your thoughts to the speed of light. This is a journey filled with spaced-out sounds and cosmic lasers that flange out into infinite echoes.  When this spaceship lands there will be a dance floor revolution!

Sail To Me is an album that is complete from start to finish, a constant motion of sonic blur, laced with the finest acid sounds that will return you to the source of psychedelic music. Kri has crafted a remarkable album, fueled by his years of experience with DJing, producing, and mastering. Join Pure Perception Records and T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi as we deliver the cutting edge sound of Psytrance from the mountains of North Carolina, USA, to the world.

released 08 December 2014


Pure Perception Records debuts the first EP from Sonance, “The Great Beyond”.

“Sonance is a new sound, ready to be absorbed by the eager trance family that is looking for something fresh, organic, and high energy. Amidst the constantly changing psytrance genre, Sonance exhibits a passion for the deep and multi-layered sound that evolved from Goa Trance. This is melodic and technical psytrance, with a high degree of production skill and mastering. Driving beats, crunchy bubbles, and floating synths from the past, all interlock into a masterpiece of tonal revelry.
Sonance is the alias of Kri, DJ veteran and half of the neo goa-psy trance project Annunaki. For two decades Kri has been mixing and producing music, always with the goal of sending the listener into a euphoric and psychedelic state of mind. His flawless mixing skills have earned him the respect of promoters around the country, and his professional approach to event production has elevated the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi annual fall gathering, Equinox, to one of the premier trance festivals on the East coast.
Get ready to return to the vibe of the early days of Goa, updated with modern technology and production. Kicks that will make your feet stomp and synth leads that will make your head soar. Uplifting and emotional, with each track harmonizing with its own resonance, Sonance is the future of psychedelic trance.”

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