Shapestatic is Chris Johnson (aka Kri) and Alex Falk.  Their ever-evolving sound has been described by some as genre-spanning; bringing together that once-lost old-school Goa vibe and the cutting-edge influences of modern electronic music; raw, organic, and emotive — one of the most well-deserving live psytrance acts America has to offer.  The pair has performed at many of America’s trance festivals and gatherings such as Gaian Mind Summer Festival, 28th Day, Sonic Beating, Gemini Festival, ATLPsy, Geologic and many others — as well as a steady schedule of events and festivals in their native Appalachian mountains.  Their debut album Metaphim has been released on Gaian Mind, watch for new releases on Geomagnetic, Dharmaharmony, and Pure Perception Records this year!

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