Pulsewave, the new project from Kri aka Sonance and Jesse Spainhour aka Intrinsic is a blending of psychedelic trance styles. With a progressive tempo, but flavored with the hypnotic layers of acid and complex synthwork, PulseWave brings a complete aural experience. Grains of Sand is a 3 track EP that kicks off with Wave after Wave, an euphoric lifter that rises like the morning sun over the cosmic ocean. Scared is Scared follows up with a deep trance sound, with long pads and a low bass breakdown perfect for peak times on the dancefloor. Oldschool trance infused with modern progressive psy, whats not to love? The last track, Grains of Sand is the culmination of this debut release. Plucky acid rains down from above, while a tribal drum kick bangs on the ground below. Tension builds as the ego is compressed, just waiting for that moment of psychedelic release.

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