kt started deejaying in the early ’70s when disco fever hit the continent. playing to the club kids of the infamous studio 64 when she was merely a figment of the universe’s imagination was quite a feat, especially considering figments of the universe’s imagination don’t usually know how to use turntables.

when she was finally incarnated into this body of hers (a body that would, when she got to legal age, look killer in hot pants) she desperately clung to the hope that there had to be SOMETHING in this world that made sense to her. before trance was invented, she played classical music on the violin and made up choreography to madonna songs, but something was missing… when she turned 18, she escaped to london for a while, trying to ease the pain of a broken heart, and was introduced to the london hard house/nu nrg scene as well as the seedy underground of squat tekno parties. neither nu nrg nor tekno quite did it for her, but she knew that whatever she was looking for had *something* to do with some sort of repetitive bassline, squidgy highs, and anthematic builds. while in london, she picked up her skill of being able to beat match two records together. a talent that would prove quite useful to her in her future career as a dj-slash-rockstar extrordinairre.

after kt had enough of london, she moved to boston, where a strange collective of “psy-trancers” welcomed her into their world and showed her what psychadelic trance was all about. well, proggy psychadelic trance at least. she traded her technics turntables for pioneer CDJs, and her vinyl for CDs, and started bugging her monkey friends for trance to play.

after she graduated college in a field that had absolutely nothing to do with music whatsoever, she moved down to asheville, north carolina, traded her proggy for full-on, and a legend was born.

kt specializes in nite-time trance that is reminiscent of the sound baby aliens make when they are getting their tummies tickled; and high energy morning music that makes smiling girls in bikini tops dance and blow kisses at her.

she enjoys ravey ravey girl cheese, neuro-trance, and some other stuff in between. her two biggest musical influences are BSM and Kri, and her current favorite artists are: Electrypnose, Double REL, Hujaboy, Azax Syndrom, Skazi, Slug, and Shapestatic (and no, she’s not just saying that as a stipulation of her contract with T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, she really does love Shapestatic.)

her all time favorite trance track is primeTB-sesto sento and her favorite color is blue. she enjoys long walks on the beach, and romantic candle-lit dinners for three. she is most proud of bungee jumping off the highest bungee jump in the world (Bloukraans, South Africa), and her most humbling moment came in writing this bio, when she realized that 99% of her music career lies in the road ahead.

she wishes to thank her mom and dad for conceiving her, Paul Girdler, for teaching her how to beat match, Monkey for getting her started on her trance library, and her buddy at T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi for taking a chance on an unknown kid.


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