Having roots in the back woods and city streets of North Carolina and influences ranging from Joe Satriani to Kraftwerk to Aphex Twin.Found his passion for psytrance from the events of T.o.u.c.h Samadhi .Horus has acquired the knowledge and skills over the past 8 years that make him a staple in the southeastern psy scene.
Always playing and pursuing sounds that tend to range from the uplifting to the gritty. Dancers have found themselves enveloped in a myriad of beats,bleeps and tweaks that keep peoples hearts pounding and minds yearning for more.Molding the groovy of house ,hallucinogenic of psy,and the energy of trance, Horace keeps a party vibe captivating and vibrant.His rapidly-gaining popularity has also earned him peak-hour spots at festivals and clubs alike, and most recently a monthly radio show on Digitally Importeds Progressive Psy channel.


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