Jacob Goadream caught the electronic music bug back in the early 90’s. Attending some of the first warehouse parties in Houston, Texas, Jacob quickly developed a love for House music. Around 1999/2000 he was introduced to the wonderful world of psy-trance. Thru the Universal Mind Productions gatherings, via Robin Triskele, an itch for psy-trance was quickly developed; it was all over from there! Shortly after Jacob move to the Carolinas where he discovered the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi crew. Their epic parties at Deerfields thoroughly split his third eye wide open with a psychedelic hammer! Over the last few years equipment has been acquired, skills honed and a decade of music collected. You can be sure to hear a wide range of psy leaning towards full-on/neo-goa on a dance floor near you! BOOM!

Email for booking info: Goadream


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