Force Majeure

Having caught the psy bug back in ’01 at a T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi NYE event as well as starting to dj in ’04, Mark Hadley never goes long without the need to release the sound for those eager and willing to give themselves up to it. Hosting indoor and outdoor events and mixing psytrance for over 9 years, on top of 3 years spent devoted soley to the dancefloor, he’s aquired a keen sense of knowing what this music and culture has to offer.

It all started for Mark thanks to being tuned in by some of T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi’s earlier gatherings. The spirit of a tribe coming together for self exploration/examination,active and guided meditaion, intentional body movement and spontaneous acts of Will thru peaked ecstatic dancing is the inspration for Mark as a traveler on the floor as well as a dj.

Being one of the founders of Fugu Trance as well as lending a helping hand to Shiva Shakti, he has had the opportunity to share the line up with a large array of sick and twisted artists and dj’s from all around, ranging from Zik and Polyphonia to Artifakt and the Witchdokta.

Keeping in mind timing and intention, he’ll push himself to provide an intense experience while behind the decks. Bringing a diverse stash of sounds ranging from heavy Full-On, Twilght and Minimal to Forest, Darkpsy and the more eXperIMEnTAL compositions. You’re sure to vibe some straight-up doof local stlye goodness!



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