Blue Spectral Monkey

Truly a connoisseur of psychedelic electronic music and art, Blue Spectral Monkey has

been evolving, collecting and spinning incessantly since 1995, taking him across 23 states and Canada. Due to his devotion, enthusiasm and mastery of the craft, Blue Spectral Monkey has been widely recognized as one of the leading psychedelic DJs in the US.  His trance sets are playful, funky, driving and mysterious; a symbiosis of tribal intensity and techno-logical meltdown.  His vast collection and obsessive charting system provides him with countless directions to take the listener, through many realms and styles.  With a rampant music addiction along with the promotional support of several international labels he constantly explores new realms of sound.

BSM has played alongside many well known psytrance artists, for example: Lemurians, Onkel Dunkel, Psychoz, Loud, Onnomon, Ocelot, Mubali, Bodhisattva 13:20, Primordial Ooze, Shapestatic, Secret Society, Naked Tourist, and many more!

Also, he is well known for his skills as a downtempo/chillout DJ, and joined the Interchill Records team in 2006.  He dives deeply into new electronic dub, reggae and dubstep, glitchy fun, slow trance, minimal techno, deep ambient space, and chilled breaks with an ethno-spiritual-psychedelic twist, all the time keeping the sounds thick, groovy and trippy.  He is notorious for playing on multiple decks, as well as the occasional 10 hour set!  He has shared the stage with many internationally renown artists including: Androcell, Solar Fields, Gus Till, Bluetech, Jaia, Govinda, Third Ear Audio, Liquid Stranger, Tripswitch, Piltdown Sound, and others!

Several years of music production has resulted in over 2 hours of original material, in a collaborative trance project known as Medimonkz, as well as newer material, spanning genres, made more recently alone.  As one of the main organizers of TOUCH Samadhi he has been responsible for the facilitation, decoration and promotion of countless dance events across the USA. In addition, he has organized the downtempo stage at the infamous Gemini Festival for three summers. Most recently a multifaceted organization has been formed in Portland, known as Metacrew.

As well as his Dj and music production, BSM is known for his endeavours in event decoration,  stretch fabric installations, lighting, logistics and promotions, T-shirt designs and his widely recognized collage art style. His art has been seen at countless events across the country, several cafes, street fairs, and featured at ANKA gallery in downtown Portland, Oregon.

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