aka Calvin Boling, is a 15 year veteran Dj/producer, and long time member of the TouchSamadhi family. He is attributed with some of the most memorable performances for the east coast based collective, including live performances along side the likes of Shapestatic, and floor smashing Dj sets. With a knack for the intense, BaBaR has played on line ups with some of the biggest names in the Psytrance kingdom, Including Dark Soho, Shanti, Fractal Cowboys, Mubali, Random, Bodhisattva 13:20 and many more.

Returning from a 2 year break from the music scene to concentrate on his art and film career, he is now determined to unleash musical fury on the dancefloor for 2011, with a much anticipated solo live set planned for the not too distant future. He has also been approached for some time now to release his original material to major and independent record labels alike. Hesitant to do so, BaBaR prefers to bring never before heard tracks to the listener in person. However, what was just a passionate hobby for him has turned into an opportunity to expand his recognition as a diversified artist, and reputation for unrelenting, energetic, tasteful peak hour performances.

BaBaR is also a pioneer in the graphic arts and illustrative arts. He has created some of the most talked about Flyer designs for groups as well known as Analogue Pussy, Syndicate productions, Extreme Underground productions, Touch Samadhi, the Vortex crew, and many others. He has also dabbled in Fluoro Deco Tapestry art with extreme reception, bringing professional illustration to the canvas of choice.

As a side project, With his mind focused on music once again, he is exploring the idea of using live instrumentation in live performance scenarios in the future, with a strong background in guitar, he is seeking to create a psychedelic industrial trance band with influences from some of the heaviest music on earth, playing and growing up with punk, hardcore, and deathmetal. He plans on traversing the path of audio manipulation and live instrumentation into an extreme experience.

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06′ world bridge mix – ( wish i had more, sadly i do not have any at the moment, need new decks ).

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