Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi began DJing goa and psy-trance in 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. Within a few short years, he has mix records on both coasts, from San Francisco to Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, and North Carolina, as well as several states in between. Over the years, Axis Mundi collected an impressive array of synth hardware and slowly transitioned from mixing CDs and vinyl to a hardware synth live act, performing psytrance and ambient electronica. Today, Axis performs his live acts under the US collectives TOUCH Samadhi and Those People Productions, as well as European labels Lycantrop Records, Ultravision Records, and Mind-Expansion Music.

Axis Mundi has released two EPs under European labels and over half a dozen tracks on various compilations in the USA and Europe. As an international act, Axis has performed two tours in Europe, performing in all four corners of Germany, as well as Holland, Switzerland, and Spain, as well as a USA tour, with stops in Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon, California, and Minnesota. His live sets, featuring all original material, have been described as a mixture of forest and suomi psy, acid techno, and neurotrance. Axis Mundi’s latest releases include a compilation, “Sunday Morning Cartoons”, featuring several well known acts and up-and-coming talent, and his own debut album, “One Foot In Fantasy”, both released in early 2010. Axis Mundi also has two released EPs, “Eldritch Freq” and “One Desire”, as well as a host of tracks on various compilations.

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